Policy – Member Support

Purpose: To ensure the timely, reasonable and affordable provision of welfare services to members in need.

·         To ensure the support of members in time of need.
·         To recognise the passing of a colleague
·         To ensure an appropriate response in an appropriate timeframe
·         To preserve the Privacy and wishes of a member and his family
·         To ensure members do not receive benefits other than as “ through the facilities or services provided by the association for social, recreational, educational or other similar purposes” as required by Section 4 (1) (d) (ii) of the Act. 

·         “Need” would be defined as the death, disablement or traumatic illness or injury of the member, target member, their siblings, spouse, children, grandchildren or parents. The incident is likely to be terminal or so significantly traumatic as to be life changing. Need could encompass other dire circumstances including psychological or emotional harm or extreme financial hardship.
·         “Members” shall be read to include target members in situations where the  member or direct family associate suffers a serious illness, bereavement or significant loss.
·         The “Act” is the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (VIC)

Responsible Officer:
·         The designated Member Support Monitor may be a member of the Committee or a member nominated by the Committee to carry out the Role. This person shall be advertised throughout the membership as the Contact for any member who requests support or who wishes to nominate another member for support. The person shall monitor directly or indirectly the Herald Sun and Age obituaries.
Currently this role is filled by Andy Walsh ([email protected])

Establishing the Process:
1.    The Committee shall set down an agreed Policy and nominate a person to the role of Member Support Monitor.
2.    The commencement of the process and the rationale should be publicised throughout the membership of Club 71. The Policy should be available on the club website.
3.    The name and contact particulars of the Member Support Monitor shall be publicised to the members.
4.    The Member Support Monitor and all members are bound by Section 58 of the Associations Incorporation Act to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all members’ personal details and information.
5.    The Committee shall determine the various Protocols for this process and shall be responsible to update those from time to time.
6.    The Procedure and all activities initiated under this Procedure shall be monitored by the Committee and the President shall include commentary on this process at the Annual General meeting.

·         Upon receiving notification or upon discovery of the passing of a Club 71 member, or a direct/immediate member of their family, the Monitor shall notify the Committee and, if practical, all Committee members by email.
·         The President or his nominee shall nominate a Committee member who shall be responsible for making contact with the family or Next of Kin ( NOK ).
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall make contact with the NOK preferably in person or else by phone and
§  Verify the passing
§  Offer condolences
§  Monitor funeral arrangements
§  Ensure the NOK is comfortable with Club 71 members being notified
§  Ensure NOK is comfortable with Club 71 representation at the funeral.
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall, after verification, be responsible for writing and sending a Club 71 Bereavement Card.
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall be responsible for email the information of the passing and funeral arrangements to all members.
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall ensure at least one Committee Member is going to be in attendance at the funeral.
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall advise the Old Paradians Association of the passing.

Illness or Other Need
·         It is important that all Committee Members encourage all members to report back to the Committee or the Member Support Monitor all instances where members or target members have suffered a significant event or loss.
·         Where information is received indicating a Club member requires our support, the President or his nominee shall nominate a Committee member who shall be responsible for making contact with the family or member.
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall make contact with the Club member, where appropriate by personal visit with the member. The purpose of this contact would be to ascertain the facts of the needs, make an assessment of the facts and report back to the Committee.
·         The nominated contact Committee member shall make contact with the Committee within 7 days of the personal visit.
·         The Committee shall convene an Urgent Meeting or Telephone Hook Up or Email circulation to all Committee members within a further 7 days and determine an appropriate response to the Club member’s needs.
·         Where a “Call to Arms” is appropriate ( e.g. working bee ) then a request for assistance may be circulated to Club 71 members by email.
·         Where a Donation is appropriate, the general membership may be notified.
·         It must be remembered that the member’s privacy is paramount in both the Call to Arms and the Notification of a Donation situations.
·         Any financial support must be identified within the Financial Records. This does not require the identification of the individual recipient.