Club 71 is a not for profit organisation established to maintain connection and provide support for past students who attended Parade College with students who would, by annual progression, have completed year 12 in 1971 at Parade College Bundoora.

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50th Reunion – a Huge Success


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The reunion dinner held on Thursday 2nd December 2021
at the Melbourne Cricket Club Committee Rooms was “Bloody Wonderful!!”

A sample of Comments / Feedback

Congratulations to Garry and the whole committee on a wonderful evening!  We are so lucky to have 1971 as our year and all the great friends from that year.  I enjoyed catching up with as many guys as I could.  Well done to Ray Bongiorno and Michael Milesi for their excellent speeches.  People don’t believe me when I talk about Club 71. – Steve Wilding

It was a good night, thank you. Certainly a BIG night that had many layers of organisation and personal commitment that many attendees would be unaware of.
Frank Taylor

It was a great night Garry. Speeches were terrific.
It seems like about 20 guys are missing in action somewhere when you consider, deaths, apologies and then those who turned up.
Certainly appreciated by myself.- Phil Rowan

Fantastic night last night. Kudos to yourself and all the guys in the organising committee. If you think about it, had all the apologies made it along we would have had close to 90 attendees. Unheard of. Well done again. – Rob Gennai

Great job last night – Shane Bond

Garry, Many thanks to you & great committee on a fantastic night .
The venue , food & entertainment was very memorable – Kerry Foley

Thanks for organising last night. I really enjoyed the whole evening.
There was obviously a lot of work by many people to make it successful. Please pass on my gratitude to all involved.- Paul Niall

Thanks and congratulations to you and the committee for what would have been a challenging but most successful event last night.
Your particular sincere words about what binds us as a group and the non-hierarchical relationships we share when we are together, was an insight worthwhile drawing attention to.- Ray Bongiorno

2022 Breakfasts – at Cafe n Addictions

The Cafe n Addictions
78 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

The second Club71 quarterly breakfast for 2022 will be 4th June 2022

Commencing at 8.30am
Partners MOST welcome

45th Reunion

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For those of you who attended the 1996 (25 year reunion at Coopers Inn (Melbourne City) just remind yourself of the great times and “memories you shared” in the attached document Comments from 1996

Check out the 1971 year 12 prize winners

Provided by Jill Marino – after discovering in Peter’s old documents

1971- prize winners

Old Paradians in London

New member Chris Purcell and Melbourne visitor Brian Buckley joined some London Old Paradians at the Magpie pub near Liverpool Street Station to celebrate the fact that the furthest-flung branch of Old Paradians had survived the pandemic.
As always there was lots of fun swapping ideas and experiences from different professions and industries and a desire to keep gathering.
Several other new members are planning to attend future events and visitors from Melbourne are always  welcome to get in touch.

Old Paradians living in London have begun holding regular meetings to swap tales and ideas about their old days at Parade and their new lives in the UK. Click here for more info