Indication of Attendance

The following 63 classmates have indicated their attendance (alphabetical order) – as @ 16/9/2021
Those names in PURPLE, have paid their registration

Graeme (Gubby) Allan
Bill Anderson
Russell Atkins
Shane Barry
Mick Billing
Gilbert Boffa
Shane Bond
Ray Bongiorno
Tom Brain
Leighton Browne
Adrian Caddy

Serge Canale
Peter Cantwell
Rod Chisholm
Phil Crow
Jim Cusack
Garry Donald
Peter Egan
Tom Finnegan

Kerry Foley
Peter Gaut
Rob Gennai
Tim Gill

Peter Given
Richard Gooden
Paul Gooley

Mark Gregor
Gary Hayes
Mick Hayes
Russell Healey

Garry Henshall
Andy Jack
Jeremy Johnson
John Mantesso
Michael Milesi
Peter Mithen
Mark Murray

Angelo Natoli
Paul Niall

John Nota
Ian Nowak
Bernie O’Connor
Chris O’Connor
Ken Parker

John Pearce
Bob Peoples

Martin Ramsdale
Neville Rennes
Phil Rowan
Jack Ryan
Paul Ryan
Peter Skermer
Brian Smith
Frank Taylor
Mark Thompson
Les Van Donkelaar
Andy Walsh
Steve Wilding

Kevin Willits
Neil Wilson
Jim Wilson
Michael Wright

Robert Zuanetti